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Welcome to Gulliver USA - Sell My Car - NY Store Web Site! Gulliver are famous of being called "Car Purchasing Expart". We have over 400 store and over 17 years experience in Japan. We can make a prediction about vehicle market value. We buy cars and then, sale it shortly to retail, our resale route, by our special know-how, and experience. Basically, we don't stock one of the inventry over 30 days. Why? Because, the value is going down little by little everyday!!
If you.... have unnecessary cars, thinking trade in, make money, Sell your car and get free car appraisal at Gulliver USA NY Store Today!! We also sale "fresh cars" what was driven by previous owner until just before. That meaning, they doesn't grow worse come only after left unattended in huge show space. You have big chance!! but, before over 30 days!! Please, contact us today!! We located on Cross of Fort Hill Ave. and Central Park Ave.(NY 100) in Yonkers. There is next to Oakley's Car Wash, kitty-cornered Yonkers Gateway Center (it has Models,Best Buy,Berlington etc...).

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  • 2423 Central Park Ave.,Yonkers, NY10710
  • Phone#:1-888-825-2754
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  • Store Hours:

    Mon - Sun : 9am to 6pm
    (Daylight Saving Time) Mon - Sun : 10am to 7pm

    ※Store may close by circumstances.


Clean show room as new car dealer!!


Wonderful art by kids!!


Kids play house!!


We make your big smile!!

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