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Our “Free Quote” link is currently under maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. For a free quote, please follow the “Contact Us” link located at the top right of this page, or feel free to call any of our stores directly. Individual store phone numbers and locations may be found by following the “Store Location” link located at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your understanding.


Sell: Gulliver will buy your car with no trade in necessary!Sell: Gulliver will buy your car with no trade in necessary!

Unlike many dealerships, Gulliver will buy your car with no trade-in necessary. Simply drive into our appraisal section and a trained Gulliver Inspector will provide a free appraisal and history check. Once the offer is made to you by Gulliver all you need to do is provide the title and that's it! The only thing left to do is pick up your check.

Sell: Gulliver will buy your car with no trade in necessary!

The appraisal portion is completely free and unlike other dealerships, it only takes 20 minutes to finish. No being passed around from person to person and no waiting for two hours. Gulliver can make an offer only minutes after you drive into our lot. The pricing is very competitive and if all the paperwork is in order a check can be produced within 24 hours.

Gulliver can purchase your car on the same day provided all the necessary paperwork is provided. That includes your title and current registration. If your car currently has a loan on it, Gulliver will handle all the necessary paperwork. Simply bring in your financial loan information so that the process can be done quickly for your convenience.