Testimonials - Consign your Car

Messages from Clients

Maria Popper

Junior, UC Irvine

I came to Gulliver to buy a car to commute to school in.

I wanted something economical and nice, but I only had a few thousand dollars to put down. Gulliver helped me pick a really nice car and get a loan for it, too.

My monthly payments are no problem, and I have told all my friends to check Gulliver if they need a car because the people are nice and they can get you in a good car, no problem.

Tim Sachse

Businessman, Riverside, CA

I had heard from a friend that Gulliver was different than other dealers, and if I was lucky I could find a “steal” there. Well, I was in the market for a European car, and I looked on Gulliver’s website, and sure enough I found a car I wanted that seemed way underpriced.

After calling in and finding out that there was no problem with the car, I came in and did a test drive. I was amazed with the condition of the car and the price, and I bought it pretty much on the spot.

The service at Gulliver is good and the deals are excellent.

Sonia and Geoff,


We made $2,000 More by Consigning with Gulliver!

We took our car to a traditional dealership and were offered only $4,000, so we took our car to Gulliver and consigned it.

The car sold in only one week for $7,000! After paying the consignment fee to Gulliver we walked away with an extra $2,000. Gulliver did all the work for us and made us more money, what’s not to like about it?

Gary Young,

Monterey Park, CA

I was having a really hard time selling my car, until my friend recommended Gulliver to me.

All I had to do was drop off my car and get it inspected for free. I told the consignment specialist how much I wanted in my pocket and they took care of the rest.

Within a week Gulliver had found a buyer for my car at a price I was very happy with. I was able to avoid all the hassle associated with selling my car and I made more money than if I had sold it myself!

It was truly a win-win situation...thanks Gulliver!