FAQ - Consign your Car

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have a different question, please feel free to call Gulliver, and ask for a car advisor.

I’ve lost the title to my car…

If you have lost the title to your car, you will need to get a duplicate title. Gulliver can help you with this. It is important to apply for a lost title as soon as possible, because it can take several weeks or longer for a new title to be issued.

My name is not on the title. Can I still consign the car?

Yes, but Gulliver will ask to verify your relationship with the owner. As a rule, Gulliver will write the check only to the person named on the title. Call ahead if you want to consign a car owned by another person.

How does Gulliver determine the value of a car?

Although Gulliver’s policy is “You set the price” we have our own method of appraising cars. A careful vehicle inspection is the basis of any fair pricing. A vehicle that has been routinely serviced and cleaned will be worth considerably more than one that has been neglected. Various pricing and valuation sources are used to determine fair market value. These include Black Book, Blue Book, auction data and Carpower.

My car is financed. Is that a problem?

It’s not a problem. You can still consign a car to Gulliver even if you are paying off a loan. It is important to provide a current statement of your account balance (payoff amount) when you bring your car in.

Why are Gulliver’s prices lower than other dealers?

Other used car dealers own their inventory, which means they face the risk of depreciation on inventory that does not sell. Most dealers will also do body work to make cars more attractive. These factors contribute to higher costs, which the dealer passes on to the buyer. Gulliver’s system is completely different, allowing us to keep sticker prices thousands of dollars lower than other dealers.

My car is registered in another state

If your car is registered in another state, and you have clear title to the vehicle, Gulliver can consign your car. There is an additional charge of $25 when consigning an out-of-state car, as the car will require new California plates if it is sold. If you do not have the title to an out-of-state car, or your vehicle is registered in California with “vehicle non-transferrable” on the registration, ask to speak to Gulliver’s DMV specialist.

What if my certificate of title says “Salvage” or TMU?

Gulliver will not consign or sell a vehicle with a “salvage” or “lemon” title. This is also known as a “branded title.” A title which has the letters “TMU” (True Mileage Unknown) cannot be consigned at Gulliver.

What happens if my car does not sell within two weeks?

Gulliver will call you to let you know the car has not sold. In some cases Gulliver will allow you to keep the car on our lot for free for an additional two weeks if you agree to reduce the price. But it depends on the vehicle, and the inventory. Gulliver will let you know.

What percentage of consignment vehicles does Gulliver sell each month?

Gulliver consigns anywhere from 125 to 140 vehicles each month, and sells 75 - 100, making our success ratio is over 50%. Although popular models are more likely to sell quickly than uncommon cars or classics, the main factor determining success in selling is price. A competitive price will make any vehicle sell quickly.

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